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Saara Roine
-I do pretty much anything creative if it keeps me entertained.
-My hobbies include: photography and doing photomanipulations/editing, painting, drawing, sewing and some artisan crafts.

-Photography is my passion at the moment in the sense that I want to do it as my job in the future.
-I have two professions: media-assistent and clothes artisan (neither of these have a proper name in English so I improvised a bit :D).

-I am very satisfied if one of my works (or myself in general) affects a person in ANY way. All attention feeds my ego. I love my haters.
-I do things that make me happy even though it doesn't make everybody else happy. I focus my energy on my loved ones and myself.
-I like to look unique but I don't want to look strange just to stand out from the crowd.

-All sorts of "silly" things make me happy. I think people are in too much of a hurry to grow up.
-I also collect all sorts of Pokémon-merchandise and Moomin mugs.
-Playing video games has been close to my heart since I was 6. My first gaming platforms were a Commodore 64 and my dad's PC.

-I'm in a long-term relationship, thus I'm not available.
-I have a cat, his name is Unto. He knows how to shake hands.

I Guess that poorly summarizes what kind of a person I am... If you want to know more about me, just ask. I don't promise to answer, though! :D
  • Mood: Grumpy
I have been thinking about Deviantart as a site for art and artists and it's so called "community". These thoughts were triggered by many things but mostly because a couple of amazing artists that I have been watching with joy just left DA because... well because it sucks in so many ways. Quoting from a journal entry of one of these certain ex-DA people: "...poo on a site that lacks legit protection for artists - place has turned into a coloring book of stolen/traced/copied art." The sad thing is that I totally agree with this. I know that when I put my art, photos etc. to internet it is possibly forever there and that I don't have any control regards the fact that anybody can spread it and copy it and use it. It is impossible to protect the massive amount of artists that submit their content on DA! Still I think that the general attitude here is rotten and that people are here just to use others.

I just recently found out that basically all the photos that I have submitted here of myself are on (among many other popular places) Pinterest and Tumblr under tags like "hot redhead" and "girls with glasses". Somebody thought it is fine to copy my photos from here (because they have a person with red hair in them and they fancy that) and throw them in some collection god knows where. I didn't submit those photos of myself here to be part of somebodys fapping material on tumblr without even knowing it! The most disturbing thing was to find some REALLY old photos that didn't have any kind of watermarks in them. So there is no way to tell whose they are anymore. And they didn't have any links that would lead people back to here either.
I'm sorry (not) if this sounds self-centered or somehow exaggerated. IT JUST FEELS BAD! AND you can point out all you want that I happen to have a fav folder here on DA named "redhot" that contains mainly girls with red hair. The point is that this feels bad because the photos are somewhere else than here. I don't care if somebody HERE favs my works to folder that is named in a way that indicates what you fancy in a woman or anything else! It can say "fucking ugly bitch" for all I care. What I DO mind is that people take my stuff and spread it somewhere else. It is not pleasant to not be able to tell where and how your art is presented and who possibly sees it. I don't care about the free exposure or internet fame.
I'm not a saint myself but I try my best to not use others' works or spread them in a way that is disrespectful or hurful. I need to use references in most of my drawings etc and I like to use free textures on my photos. I still take the time to read if it is ok to use something and where it is ok to publish/use.

I got a bit sidetracked there... about the DA community:
There is none. Every single one of the groups I am part of feels distant and kind of cold and in a way critical. A huge amount of works I want to post in them gets denied and without any kind of response or communication. It is confusing when you don't see the reason for that and the art you tried to share with other seems to fit the group perfectly and has enough quality too. It is just discouraging and confusing. Yet again it is mostly impossible for a big group's admins to answer every single person who gets rejected. It can be very tiresome to explain why, as well. What I'm trying to say is that it propably would not hurt to be just a little less critical about the content of the group at times or at least try to communicate with the members a little bit more.

Lastly but not leastly about the ridiculous censoring on DA:
Every single day I see photos of naked women on the fronpage in sexy poses. Every day. There is nothing wrong with that BUT there is something really wrong about the fact that you are not allowed to submit drawings etc. that present sex in anyway. If the art contains people/animals/alien/anything having intercourse it is banned immediately because it is porn!? NO! JUST NO! The arbitrary actions of the people in charge here are ludicrous and unjust! For example in my own case I submitted a drawing that had cartoon character in a humorous situation that had censored male genitalia in it and it was immediately removed but at the same time the frontpage still had a photo of a real erect penis on it. The privacy message I got explained that the picture I posted clearly had porn in it so it was removed. It is my understanding that if I submit something here that represents genitalia in it but that part is censored it is ok to show the other parts of the picture. So why was my art removed? I actually sent a response to this and never heard about the subject again. That is total bs! If you are going to run the site in such way that you are going to ban anything sexual, do it in a way that actually everything in that context is removed and not just the things you feel like don't belong here. OR maybe do not reject anything regarding this at all.

Well that's about it. I now wash my hands from this for the time being. AND no I'm not going to leave Deviantart. I use this place to boost my ego and for that it is sufficent enough. I still can complain all I want. I'm not trying to make people mad or get into arguments about this with strangers, I just felt like ranting a bit. I'm not looking for somebody to have heated conversation with just because we have different opinions. Sorry not sorry.

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